dont anons give out dogs

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Your Muse and Mun Current Mood



Anonymous asked;
to be honest im losing faith in you

you are not very smart then

usslesigh asked;
TBH i was afraid u were going to kill me after i helped u

i am

c0rr0s1ve asked;
t0 be h0nest, y0u sh0uld 0wn a d0g. 1f 0nly f0r the fact that y0u'd be s0 busy y0u c0uldn't take care 0f 1t and 1'd have t0. 1 w0uld w1ll1ngly take care 0f y0ur d0g. get a d0g, vat1.

i already own goeppert though

p2iicho2ii2 asked;
tbh, ii wa2 2cared your demon a22 wa2 goiing two haunt me.

i dont waste that much time on people whose lives are worth as little as yours

Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.
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==> Recall

After swimming the whole way to the mainland and finding a transportalizer to that person who called themselves a moirail, you end up getting patched up and falling asleep rather quickly. It was a series of strange events, odd dreams that kept you wondering now about your future. What would you do? Though you knew and felt the same things, you were not. 

You discussed various things today with various people, trying to keep up appearances and stay on top of your usual things, however, one thing kept plaguing your mind, and once you had tackled it, you felt bitter remorse for speaking. Damn quadrants, damn societies. You had no option, did you? In the end, you would still become one of them, and you’ll still have to go by their rules. It was with much more bitterness that you respond to the subsequent message your “matesprit” (you suppose you might as well call him that) sent you. You have no desire to explain anything anymore, and just cave in to their wishes to see you.

And so, having rebandaged your wound, you get ready to set out.

First, to drop a gift, then to go to their house. 

Your name is Nikolai Vitaly and you are one idiot who definitely needs a serious talk with certain people.